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This project is unique in that the work was done in full compliance with the standards of historic preservation set forth by the US National Park Service and the project was awarded historic preservation tax credits. In addition to the historic preservation of the architectural elements and features, the work included a full seismic retrofit of the structure; including steel bracing elements in the roof structure and strategically placed concrete shear walls throughout the facility. It is worth noting that after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1986, the structure was red tagged due to concerns about possible structural compromise stemming from the earthquake. The red tag was lifted upon further investigation of the structure, which disclosed that the building is constructed with a steel skeleton within the massive brick masonry walls. It was the skeleton which provided the ductility for the structure to withstand the oscillations of the temblor and also provided the backbone for a successful seismic retrofit. Upon completion, the building is converted to an office space and special events venue encompassing approximately 22,000 sq. ft of space.
1401 Howard Street
1401 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA
1401 Howard LLC
Historic Preservation with adaptive reuse
Contract Cost:
May 2018

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