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The Tannery, built in 1856 by James Duncan and William Warren, was the biggest manufacturer of leather production west of the Mississippi River. The building sits on 8 acres of land and had been a thriving business up through the past century changing owners since it was constructed. In the early 1900’s the Tannery was sold to Kullman-Salz and Company and since then has kept the name. The Salz Tannery maintained steady business until foreign trade became more economic for businesses to associate with, causing Salz Leathers to close their doors in 2001. Having a key history to the development of Santa Cruz and located a short distance from downtown, the city decided to turn the land into a residential location offering a locale for those who are passionate for arts and crafts. Ross Construction won the job to perform the rehab & retrofit of the Salz Tannery, now called the Digital Media Center, replacing and restructuring the building to considerably replicate the original look of the building. The Digital Media Center comprises of studios for artists to perform their various crafts. A café was also established to encourage residents and visitors to stop and appreciate the rich history of the building as well as current artwork displayed throughout the property.
Tannery Art Center | Digital Media & Creative Arts Center
1050 River Street
Santa Cruz, CA
The Tannery Arts Center Inc.
Restoration of a Historic Building
Contract Cost:
Mark Cavagnero

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