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Domain Apartments at One Vista Montana is a 6-story, 444-unit luxury apartment complex featuring private roof decks and a clubhouse with a pool, spa, and fireplace. The entire complex comprises 5 buildings totaling approximately 450,000 square feet of rentable area and a 5-acre underground parking garage with 700 parking spaces. This is the first project in California (and largest in the US) constructed of pre-manufactured modular units placed on a post-tensioned podium. All the modular units were built in Boise, Idaho, by Guerdon Enterprises and transported to the jobsite. Each unit measures 15x70 feet and will be used to build two to three-story apartments. These units were accurately set using one the largest production cranes in the nation, the Liebherr LR-1400/2 that has a lifting height of 551 feet and lifting capacity of 573,000 lbs. The modular units were fully-assembled including all finishes. The only onsite construction required was exterior shear bracing and siding. Panel doors located in each apartment provide access to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing hook-ups. Domain Apartments were scheduled to be completed in November 2013. This project is the first phase of a three-phase project by Equity Residential in the Cisco Campus area. Phase 2 is a 5-acre park located across the street at 4041 North First Street. Phase 3 is an additional 554-unit luxury apartment complex located at 81 Vista Montana being built using conventional wood-framing methods.
Vista Montana
One Vista Montana
San Jose, CA
Equity Residential
444 Apartments
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